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J&B Gun Services

  • Gun Sales
  • Online Gun Sales
  • Transfers
  • Gun Repair
  • Gun Cleaning
  • Consignment Sales
  • Custom Ammo
  • Concealed Carry Classes
  • Survival Food Supply Sales

Gun Sales
J&B has the most complete selection of new and pre-owned rifles, shotguns, and handguns in the Coastal Bend area. Whether you're looking for a rifle or shotgun for hunting or a handgun for personal protection and home defense we've got you covered.

Online Gun Sales
See Gun Genie, our Online Gun Shop hosted by Gallery of Guns. In the Online Gun Shop you can search thousands of guns and have your selection delivered to us for purchase and pickup.

Gun Genie can send your gun to J&B Gun Sales and Service

Purchasing a gun from a dealer on the internet or out of state? You'll need to have the gun shipped to a licensed gun dealer and complete the transfer paperwork and background check...J&B offers affordable transfers.

Gun Repair
Have a gun that doesn't work? Need new sights? Have a scope that needs to be mounted? Trigger work? J&B can handle it with ease.

Certified Glock Armorer on Staff at J&B Gun Sales

Gun Cleaning
Do you have dirty guns? Dirty guns don't operate as well as they should and sometimes won't operate when you need them if they're really dirty. J&B cleans all makesMake a Living....Living! and models of rifle, shotguns, and handguns with reasonable rates.

Consignment Sales
Need to sell a gun? We can sell it for you on consignment.

Custom Ammo Manufacture
Looking for the perfect round to take down that 10 point buck? Let us help. We can custom manufacture ammunition to meet your needs for hunting, target shooting, and self defense.

Concealed Carry Classes
J&B currently offers the Texas Concealed Handgun License course, and the Florida Concealed Weapons course.