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Texas Concealed Handgun License Classes

Why get a Texas License To Carry (formerly Concealed Handgun License)? The Texas License To Carry (LTC) is currently recognized for concealed carry in 34 states with more expected to be added. Not only does the Texas LTC permit you to carry your concealed or openly carried handgun in public, it also acts as your background check for gun purchases in Texas (Texas residents only). Begin the process of getting your Texas LTC by visiting the Texas DPS CHL site, get your application going, then schedule your class.

  • Recognized in 34 States
  • Carry A Concealed Handgun in public
  • Carry A Handgun Openly in public
  • Comprehensive Class, 4-6 hours
  • 25 Question Written test
  • 50 round range qualification required
  • Available to non-residents of Texas

Texas License To Carry Class Format (4-6 hours)

Section I - Basic Handgun Use, Proficiency, and Safety

Part 1 - Handgun Safety

Part 2 - Handgun Parts & Operation

Part 3 - Ammunition

Part 4 - Fundamentals of Shooting

Part 5 - Safe Handling

Part 6 - Holsters for Concealed Carry/Open Carry

Section II - Proper Storage Practices for Handguns

Part 1 - Keeping handguns from children

Part 2 - Gun locks/Trigger locks

Part 3 - Home Safes and Storage Cabinets

Part 4 - Auto Safes

Section III - State and Federal Laws Relating to Weapons and Use of Deadly Force

Part 1 - Applicable Texas Government Code and Penal Code

Part 2 - Federal Firearms Regulations

Part 3 - Texas DPS Administrative Policy


Section IV - Non-Violent Dispute Resolution


Section V - Handgun Proficiency/Qualification

Hands-on 50 Round Range Qualification